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The Art of Standing Out (eBook)

How to Outshine Competitors and Profit From Their Blind Spots


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Invisibility may be a cool superpower...

But it's a TERRIBLE marketing strategy!  And yet it's the go-to strategy most service businesses adopt (whether they realize it or not!).


This FREE eBook reveals vital marketing do's and don'ts that will ensure your business never gets overlooked and always stands apart from the competition, including:


  • The BIG mistake most businesses make when it comes to their pricing, products, and services. This cripples your ability to win customers (yet all it takes is a simple change in perspective to fix it!)


  • What a brand really is (and why you're NOT in the business you think you are). Knowing this can make the difference between going bankrupt and making money hand over fist


  • How to respond when someone asks "What do you do?" without sounding like everyone else (even if your service or deliverables are are identical to competitors)


  • Why most businesses fail to follow up with their leads and customers (and the proper way to do it so you don't chase them away)


  • How to adopt a rebellious mindset and become immune to fear (like some of history's most successful brand-builders!) 


 All this marketing wisdom (and more) is presented through an exclusive, never-before-revealed differentiation model found only in The Art of Standing Out.


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